Doctreine That Divide

by Prof. Roderick L. Trotter on March 19th, 2017

If the author is correct in His findings that Baptism don't save you, why is so much controversy in the local churches.  Also, how would you solve the argument of Baptism?

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Albirtha Randel - May 5th, 2017 at 10:05 AM
Many believe that baptism is essential for salvation. Baptism is but one step in the process of salvation and discipleship. It is important, because it is a public demonstration of washing of the old life sin away and starting a new life. Controversial debate emerges when one attempts to use one scripture as the foundation for their argument. Throughout the bible one could make a definitive argument in regards to one scripture but God's Word is not designed in that manner. We must study the scriptures as a whole and when in question then seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us that ALL scripture is good for teaching and reformation.
To solve the argument of Baptism then I would suggest that as disciples of Christ we follow Christ example. He allowed John the Baptist to baptize Him although He did not need salvation because He came to offer salvation. Therefore it is a clear indication of how baptism is just a step of salvation and discipleship just like repentenace. Teach, teach, teach how important each step is in the whole process.

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