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  • Doctoral Degrees: Pursue excellence and become a leader in theological scholarship and practical ministry.

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East Texas Theological Seminary (ETTS) offers an enriching Bachelor’s Degree Program designed to deepen students' understanding and application of biblical scriptures, Christian leadership principles, and counseling techniques, all within a Christian context. Spanning two years and comprising 52 credit hours, our program caters to individuals eager to serve in various community and ministry capacities.

Degree Tracks

Biblical Studies, B.A.: Dive deep into the scripture, exploring the Old and New Testaments with a focus on interpreting biblical texts, understanding their historical contexts, and applying their teachings to contemporary Christian life.
Christian Leadership, B.A.: Prepare for leadership roles in churches, Christian organizations, and community settings. This track emphasizes developing strategic leadership skills, ethical decision-making, and effective organizational management within a Christian framework.
Christian Counseling, B.A.: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to offer counseling that integrates psychological insights with Christian spirituality, addressing mental health, relational, and spiritual challenges.
Core Courses and Academic Structure

Year 1 Highlights
Introduction to Old and New Testaments: Establish a solid foundation in biblical knowledge, essential for all tracks.
Principles of Christian Leadership and Counseling: Begin exploring the basics of leadership and counseling from a Christian perspective.

Year 2 Highlights
Advanced Biblical Studies: Delve deeper into specific books and themes of the Bible, enhancing interpretative and exegetical skills.
Leadership and Counseling Practicums: Apply your learning in practical settings, preparing for roles in ministry, leadership, or counseling.

Capstone Project
Capstone Project: A comprehensive project that synthesizes your academic journey, demonstrating your readiness to contribute significantly to your field of interest.

Program Structure

Tuition and Financial Information

Tuition: $2,000, offering an accessible pathway to quality theological education.
Payment Plan: $100 per month over 20 months, designed to support students’ financial needs.
Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable), initiating the admission process.

Our Bachelor's program is structured to be flexible and accessible, offering coursework 100% online to accommodate the needs of students worldwide. Each course is meticulously designed to inspire, challenge, and foster a rich learning environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth.

Our Master's Program at East Texas Theological Seminary is crafted to provide a profound, research-oriented education in theology, leadership, counseling, and education, all within a Christian context. Spanning 40 credit hours and several specialized tracks, this program is designed for those seeking to deepen their expertise and make impactful contributions in their professional and ministerial endeavors.

Degree Tracks

Master of Ministry (M.Min): Engage in an advanced exploration of pastoral care, homiletics, church administration, and spiritual formation, preparing for dynamic roles in ministry.

Theological Studies (M.A.): This track offers a comprehensive deep dive into theology, biblical studies, and Christian history, equipping scholars for academic excellence and enriched ministerial practice.

Christian Leadership (M.A.): Develop strategic leadership and ethical decision-making skills, tailored for guiding Christian organizations and communities through transformative change.

Christian Counseling (M.A.): Integrates psychological principles with spiritual insights, training students to address mental health and relational issues from a faith-based perspective.

Core Courses and Academic Structure

Year 1 Highlights

Foundational courses in Apologetics, Christian Theology, and Church Leadership lay the groundwork for specialized study.

Begin tailoring your education with electives aligned to your degree track, enhancing your knowledge and skills in specific areas.

Year 2 Highlights

Continue your specialized track exploration with advanced electives in areas such as Systematic Theology for Theological Studies or Leadership III for Christian Leadership.

Tuition and Financial Information

Tuition: $2,500 for the complete program, designed to make advanced theological education accessible.

Payment Plan: A manageable option of $125 per month over 20 months, ensuring financial considerations are not a barrier to your education.

Our Master's Program is flexible and accessible, offering 100% online coursework to fit the schedules of working professionals and students across the globe. Each course challenges and inspires, fostering a rich learning environment where students can excel.

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Our Doctoral Program is a rigorous academic journey designed to prepare scholars, leaders, and educators with a deep, research-based understanding of theology, leadership, and education within a Christian context. Offering 48 credit hours across several degree tracks, this program is tailored for those committed to making significant contributions to their fields.

Degree Tracks

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.): Immerse yourself in advanced theological studies, engaging with scholarly research while contributing new insights. This track is ideal for those passionate about exploring and articulating Christian doctrine's depth and its contemporary application.

Doctor of Christian Leadership (D.C.L.)

This track equips individuals for high-level leadership roles in Christian organizations, churches, and academia. Focus on strategic leadership, ethical decision-making, and organizational change, all within a Christian ethical framework.

Doctor of Christian Education (D.C.Ed.)

Advance in Christian education, from curriculum development to leadership. Emphasizing the integration of theology and education, this track prepares graduates to design and implement impactful Christian education programs.

Core Courses and Semesters Overview

Semester 1 Highlights

Advanced Hermeneutics: Deep dive into Old and New Testament texts, enhancing exegetical skills.

Dissertation Research & Writing I: Begin your dissertation journey with foundational research and writing steps.

Semester 2 Highlights

Theology in Christian Education & Engaging Theology: Explore the integration of theology in education and engage with contemporary theological issues.

Dissertation Research & Writing II: Focus on research methodology and begin data collection.

Semester 3 & 4 Highlights

Advanced Studies: Including Pastoral Formation, Christian Apologetics, and Exegetical Studies of John and Romans.

Continued Dissertation Work: Further your dissertation through advanced research, writing, and analysis stages.

Final Semesters

Completion and Defense: Finalize your dissertation, focusing on implications and future research before preparing for and undertaking your dissertation defense.

Program Structure

Tuition: The total tuition for our doctoral program is $3,000. A non-refundable application fee of $50 is required upon submission of your application.

Payment Plan: Recognizing the financial commitments of our students, ETTS offers a flexible payment option. Doctoral students may opt for a monthly payment plan of $100 over the span of three years, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to education.

Our program is designed to be flexible and accessible, offering 100% online coursework to accommodate the needs of working professionals and students globally. Each course is crafted to challenge and inspire, fostering a rich online learning environment where students can thrive.

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